Randy Strauss
a.k.a. Rand

My purpose: to bring about peace, harmony, and prosperity.

In general, call me "Randy"
unless it's about PeopleCount. For that, it's "Rand".
And, it doesn't much matter. I don't take offense, or coffee...
"ras" is my short signature/initials...

Recent Happenings

April 2013: I failed to get a team together to take it to the next level. I'll work for a while...

December 2012: PeopleCount.org is live! Check out our news, blog, and vision! You're welcome to donate.

September 2012: I'm up to something big - PeopleCount.org, solving the divisiveness, expense and struggle of politics, and changing government to be accountable to the people. For PeopleCount, I'm calling myself Rand instead of Randy. (Friends are welcome to use either.)

Less Recent Happenings

My biography/history page needs some updating...
   Nov 10: The purpose of Landmark Education
   Jul 10: I started a blog...
   Dec 09: About Hanukkah
   Nov 09: Taking the SELP, and Began improving CA math education
   Aug 09: Took the Advanced Course!
   Mar 09: Time and Fashion March On
   Dec 08: Haiti... and my movie debut
   Aug 08: Vacation
   May 08: The Forum
   Apr 08: dog dramas (Lambda/Jupi)
   Dec 07: my new job at MITI


See also my pages on math teaching, Asperger Syndrome, and, so far, one tech article.
And if you're curious about my family...     And a few "sayings".


Some accomplishments and events with which I have shaped my story:


but there's so little time between work, family, house, dog, exercise...

No longer true: I still juggle balls and clubs, but mostly Wednesday mornings during the school year when I help teach a juggling class at the local elementary school. During the summer, we get together on Saturdays sometimes, but it's spotty.

No longer: On the week-ends I take the dog for a part-walk, part-jog. On Sundays I often take him the 2 miles to the local farmer's market, buy some potatoes, carrots and broccoli for my lunches and drop them off a half mile away at work. We often stop at the school on the way home to do some pull-ups and chin-ups.

What I love

What I dislike/avoid/recontextualize


Interesting books:

Good books off the beaten track (old list...):
  All books by Farley Mowat- esp. The Dog Who Wouldn't Be, The Boat Who Wouldn't Float, and written for kids 9-12, Owls in the Family
  Vicki Hearne- Adam's Task- an interesting book on animal training.
  Karen Pryor- Don't Shoot the Dog- a wonderful book about animal training- esp. good for teens, or to read to children.
  Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish- How to Talk so Kids will Listen, and Listen so Kids will Talk
  Dawn Prince-Hughes- Songs of the Gorilla Nation: My Jorney Through Autism- a fascinating story and perspective.
  Rachel Simmons- Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Agression in Girls.

Interesting sites about:
polls are misleading...
What religion has beliefs like yours?
Cool physics video
Abundance by design


Email: R a n d y -at- Strausses . net
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Home: Mountain View, CA (Silicon Valley)
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Silicon Valley FYI, Silicon Valley used to be from Santa Clara through Palo Alto, California. But now it has consumed most of the peninsula from San Jose to San Francisco, a distance of about 60 miles, plus the East Bay.

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