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The Landmark Forum

(Note: Due to the bad economy, the Forum is $445 instead of $495 in San Jose...)

The Landmark courses and seminars are about, and effective at, enabling me to raise the quality of my life in all sorts of ways. I'm bright and can see life simply and positively, or as complex "mixed bag", or as a negative occurance, well worth complaining about. I can drill down into any issue and see many different patterns and perspectives. Yet I continually find that Landmark seminars and courses get to the heart of life. They reveal areas that are so fundamental to my outlook that they make up some of the contexts which I think from, and so are invisible. By bringing them to the surface, I'm able to solve problems I thought were in the fabric of life, problems I thought were unsolvable, or problems that I didn't even know existed. This lets me create a life as wonderful as I've ever wanted, the stuff we think of as only a pipe-dream or fantasy.

One of my experiences is that a quality conversation with a good friend can bring up thoughts and perspectives which I couldn't create when alone. Often telling a full story about a situation lets me see it more fully and gain perspective. This happens even when the friend is no expert in the area, much less an expert at coaching in general.

Landmark courses reliably deliver this kind of result- providing an opening for a conversation which allows me to formulate effective perspectives, moving nagging problems into the realm where I know what actions to take, and then take them and complete the issues. (A current one is "retirement planning", which we haven't done for a while. I'll complete this, and restructure my investments, by the middle of Feb, 2010. [done!])

So I periodically take Landmark Courses and seminars.
A note about cost: In my experience, Landmark courses cost a bit over $10/hour. A couple of the courses are about twice this, and a few much less. I compare this with $50-$200/hour for Life Coaches or psychological counseling. And while I haven't used the former, I have gone to a few counselors. In fact, in hindsight, I didn't make much progress with the couselors, and later solved the problems quickly and easily (and much more cheaply) in the Forum. See the page about my breakthroughs for more information.

The Forum is a wonderful experience that is available nowhere else, and is the prerequisite for all the other Landmark courses.

To take the Forum, you pick three areas in life:

These 3 areas must be important to you, but you don't need to identify all the important areas of life. During the Forum, other areas of life will emerge. You'll have profound insights, breakthroughs and see new possibilities and opportunities. Yet it's vital to identify 3 areas of importance. To me, doing this seems to orient my brain to pay attention and use the material more thoroughly. By nature, I tend to have two ways of listening to speakers. In one, it's like watching TV- for entertainment. In the other, I'm working on a project and searching for clues and answers, nuggets of gold and powerful tools. Identifying areas of importance helps me listen in the second way, and come away with much more of values.

The purpose of the Forum is to open up possibilities for you and deliver breakthroughs in your areas. But it delivers far more. I found it opened up and resolved areas where I didn't even realize I had issues. It opened up areas I hadn't thought thoroughly about and at the same time offered perspectives that made them quickly make sense. Why hadn't I thought of these before? Because my thinking about life was colored in a way that made it difficult. I think we all have biases and beliefs we don't know about, some acquired in childhood, some acquired due to ways of thinking we developed in childhood. In the Forum, I uncovered many of these and saw some of the ways they influenced me. Before, they had been invisible. In the Forum, suddenly I was able to make choices about them.

The Forum is 3 days plus an evening, and about $500 (varies by location). It sounds too good to be true, but unlike all those internet ads about stock tips, money-making web sites and ego-inflaters, this one is real, works, and I can vouch for it. There are even independent researchers that have studied it, magazine articles about it and plenty of testimony from some of the other approximately 2 million grads.

I wrote a separate page with a bit of the story of my experience and breakthroughs. And you may skip my verbiage and go right on to the Landmark Education website. An easy way to learn about the Forum is to click in the middle of the page on the woman next to the word "Introduction" and watch the 1-3 minute videos. If you'd like to attend a 3-hour introduction in San Jose, I'd love for you to be my guest some night.

Graduates have spoken up on sites besides Landmark's, such as Scoop on Landmark Forum.

For all of you who've known me for more than a few months and whom I haven't invited to The Forum, please accept my apologies. I guess I was being shy. For all sorts of reasons, please look into taking it. It's 3 days and an evening for about $500 and worth much, much more. If you'd like to talk to me about it, call me or send an email and we can arrange a time for a chat.

If you're interested, besides reading more about The Forum, start identifying three areas where you are stuck, want breakthroughs, improvement, possibilities and opportunities.


PS: My only affiliation with Landmark is as a course participant and as a former participant. I volunteered for about 20 hours at a center in the 1980's, and for 3 hours in 2009. I receive no tangible benefit from anyone's participation.

PPS: And if I don't know you, you're certainly welcome too, both to contact me, and to join me at an introduction.

PPPS: Check out the website: Top 100 Adventures about the Forum!